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Rescue and Treatment


This cute little boy is from Assarih, Irbid. He had an infection so bad poor thing couldn’t eat. He actually thought food was hurting him, so he would hiss and hit food, even wet food. At first, our doctor removed a couple of bad teeth and gave him antibiotics. Few days later, he still had the infection. We took him to Jordan University of Science and Technology Vet clinic. Given another course of antibiotics. Thankfully, we avoided surgery and he is now doing much better! He will neutered once fully recovered.


There are cute kittens, and there is Dabbous! In Arabic, “Dabbous” means a pin. Dabbous was so tiny when I found him near a cafe in Irbid. Apparently he was alone there for a couple of days and was screaming non stop. Like a pin, Dabbous can easily cause a puncture wound … because he is such a fierce cat!

The adorable Mr. Dabbous is the first guest at the Al-Yarmouk Sanctuary. His current job is to keep Abu Mohammad (the guard) safe and entertained.

Unnamed Cat from Ash Shumaysani

This unnamed cat was found frail, starved and asking for help in Ash Shumaysani neighborhood in Amman. It was a cold rainy night. Taken to Petly Veterinary Clinic. Dr. Raed Gharaibeh found a bone stuck in her mouth causing sever infection. The cat was treated and few days later spayed and then released to a safer area.