Education is Key

Perception versus Reality

Available data does not support the conclusion that stray dogs represent a significant public health problem in Jordan (yet). We argue that the problem is primarily a perception issue reinforced by cultural and social attitudes toward dogs in general. While there is an obvious need for shelters and other infrastructure aimed at managing stray dogs population in a humane manner, efforts should focus on positively changing public perception toward stray dogs and wildlife in general.

It is critical to point out that the argument above is tentative and is subject to change based on new evidence. Al-Yarmouk is actively trying to generate sufficient and relevant data to better inform future work. See section on Research.

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Focusing on Community Stakeholder 

Through our research and interaction with different local authorities, we are convinced that there is a huge knowledge gap with regard to the nature and the scope of the stray dog problem in Jordan. There is a fatal lack of awareness amongst stakeholders about basic aspects of the issue. For example, here are some of the points that needed (still needs) to be clarified:

  1. What is an Animal Birth Control (ABC) program?
  2. Why shooting and poisoning is not a solution?!
  3. ABC programs already implemented elsewhere in the country
  4. ABC programs work everywhere and not only in rich western countries
  5. Basic dog behavior (dogs reproduce exponentially, thrive on garbage, are not normally aggressive toward humans, etc.)

It is wishful thinking to expect any success if we can’t get community stakeholder on the same page as far as the basic understanding of the issue and possible solutions.


Public Awareness Campaigns

Through seminars, workshops, posters and information leaflets, Al-Yarmouk aims to raise public awareness and counter deep-rooted misconceptions and myths negatively affecting attitude toward dogs. 

Kids are the Future

School kids playing with puppies at Al-Rabee Dog Shelter in Aqapa, Jordan.


Inevitably, kids will someday run the country, and collectively decided what worth protecting. Al-Yarmouk is laser-focused on finding ways to maximize positive interaction between younger generation and animals.

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